Certified AI Professional Agent™

Get the AIPRO® Designation today. Learn about the latest in AI Technology. You’ll learn how to build your brand using AI, Automate a year’s worth of marketing in less than 3 minutes, create dynamic and unique content, using prompts, and so much more!

What You’ll Learn

ChatGPT + Basics

Get a foundational education on how to leverage the powerful tools from OpenAI, using prompts, setting context, tips & tricks, and so much more.


Learn how to prompt GPT to get extraordinary results and ultimately build your own ChatGPT personalized chatbot based on your individual needs.

Branding Yourself

AI can help you create everything from your own logo, your team name, your color scheme, your mission statement, your headshot, and more.

Marketing Tools

Learn how to create instant blog posts that convert, newsletter campaigns, video scripts, graphics, presentations, ads, and so much more instantly.

Social Media

Create a year’s worth of content in less than 3 minutes. Automate your social media posts. Establish yourself as an expert, and more!

MORE than Chatting

12+ AI TOOLS. We will cover over a dozen AI tools besides ChatGPT that will help you build your business and integrate AI into your business seamlessly and easily.

This is more than just a ChatGPT class. 

We will go over 12+ AI systems, show you how to automate using API’s, Webhooks, and Zapier to connect these sytems to each other, and take you outside of the chatbox.

“This has been a game changer and time saver for our whole team. We didn’t know that there were so many AI tools out there to use!”

Suhair M. | Atlanta, GA

“Josh made it easy. I’m not very tech savvy but he made it easy to understand, even for a dolt like me and gave lots of examples “

Amanda R. | Albuquerque, NM

“Wow! The tips have literally saved me hours. The extras beyond ChatGPT were mind blowing! Great course guys!”

Phillip P. | Orlando, FL

What You’ll Get

AI PRO® Designation

Show off your designation to your clients letting them know that you have the latest tools and knowledge to help them with their real estate needs.

Signed Certificate

You’ll get a signed, certified, digital PDF Certificate you can print and share. The first 100 agents will also get a framed certificate mailed to their address.

Custom Email Signature

Get an email signature that shows everyone that you are AI PRO® Certifed. The signature is made for you and customizable in Canva.

Exclusive Zoom Meetings

Attend live zoom meetings to learn about the latest in AI Technology, get help with your AI needs, ask questions, and network with other agents across the globe.

Private Facebook Group

Get invited to our Exclusive Facebook Group for Certifed AI PRO® Agents where we can network, ask and answer questions, and collaborate.

Future Updates

Get access to our updated courses, materials, AI Tools, and all future AI Trainings included forever. This includes future certifications all for free.

Free AI Bonus:

Get 75+ Free AI Headshots for the first 500 orders!

12+ Free AI Tools Built-In!

Over a dozen tools built right into AIAgentPro


Find your perfect color scheme, team or brokerage name, logos, and more


Overcome objections with ease with ObjectionAI. Feed it objections from clients to get instant replies.

Property Stories

Write beautiful and engaging full length property descriptions in less than a minute with StoriesAI.


Write full-length and comprehensive well-researched blogs in seconds. Completely marked up and ready to post.

12-Touch Campaigns

Get an entire years worth of touch campaigns written in just a few minutes. Pre-prompted for your business.


Instantly generate several quotes that you can use for your Facebook or Instagram posts to increase engagement.

CoachAI™ (BETA)

Over 10 Million data points from the best coaches in the world allow you to get instant advice on how to build your business, host the best open house, farming, and so much more!


Write your perfect long-form bio to use on LinkedIN or Social Media or to share inside of your listing presentation.


Write superior monthly or quarterly newsletters to send to your sphere of influence in seconds.


When you can’t even think of a topic to write let HeadlineAI™ give you a list of pre-prompted unique options.


Sound smarter instantly by copying and pasting your texts, emails, or correspondence for rewriting.


Get Cold-Call scripts written for you on the fly by AI trained using the best from real estate experts across the country. 

Image AI

Generate instant High Definition, Photo Realistic images for your blog posts or social media posts. 


Where can I get help or questions answered?

Join our Facebook community from the link above to get help from other users and our admins anytime. We also offer regular AI Masterminds and Q&A sessions. You will be emailed before these happen. If you have an account issue, you can reach out to hello@aiproagent.com.

Do you offer affiliate links or discounts for referrals?

We do! You can click the Affiliate Link at the bottom of the page to learn more. 

What will I learn?

You will learn everything from A-Z. We will start with the basics of Chatbots and ChatGPT and progress to other AI Systems. You'll also learn the AI Systems available by AIPRO™. 

Can I take this course again?

Yes! Once you signup, you'll login to your dashboard and you can then take the course as many times as you like!

What happens after I signup?

Once you signup, you'll immediately get a login to AIPRO Agent and can login to your dashboard. From there you'll have access to your courses, your new AI Tools, your Certificate, Email Signature Template, and so much more.

Do you offer discounts?

You can get a discount by using an affiliate link from another agent.  Agents from all over the country have taken this course and have affiliate links that give you $100 off.  Ask around and you're likely to find one. 

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